Dropledge is a Social Cause-Based Technology Initiative focused on “purpose through gamification”. Using gamification technology & its data science to influence users’ subconscious mind to achieve desired actions/ results.

We design mobile games to address environmental as well as social issues and challenges in a most entertaining, engaging & fun way. With every engagement through Dropledge, users empower a cause to enrich lives by signing pledges or taking specific actions against some issues affecting the community & all species of our planet.

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Dropledge is a platform aimed at enabling user-driven real actions that drive societal transformation and aid environmental conservation by creating positive impact through behavioral change.

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We are striving to transform people’s thoughts, habits and actions to make a difference in our world. This change is influenced by technology that taps into our user’s subconscious minds. Every user engagement on the platform empowers a cause, drives corrective action and enables people to do their bit through simple tasks.

Whether it is signing pledges, playing a game or making a contribution, every little bit counts and adds to the benefit of our future generations and our planet. Some of the major causes we work towards include Plastic pollution, Water Crisis, Climate Change, Women Safety, Brutality against Animals, Hunger & Migrant Crisis, amongst others.

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We use scientific research & analysis to understand the origin of social issues, their current state and what efforts are being taken to battle them. Using these insights, we craft a gamified user experience, which can enable a change in behaviour without the user even realizing the shift. This gamified technology solution (our games) not only entertains our players, but is also able to bring in awareness, engagement & cumulative real actions that empower these causes.

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Director - Business Development


Head of Business Operations


Abhishek Satam

Registered Ph.D. Zoology, University of Mumbai Environmentalist

Dr. Dinesh Vinherkar

Marine Conservationist & Veterinarian

Deelip Mhaske

Senior Executive-Fellow, Harvard University President, AI for Humanity, New York.Manager, New Jersey Dept. of Health

Sarita Fernandes

Coastal and Marine Policy Scholar Managing Trustee-Founder & Principal Programme Co-ordinator, Morjim Sea Turtle Trust

Siddharth Jadhav

General Manager, Medicom, India