Read on about the 5 Ocean Heroes, as they fight against the plastic trash & disasters that are harming our oceans; killing millions of marine life.

Shasha – an environmentalist represents the Indian Ocean. In her words, “I’ve been working to reduce the contamination of the ocean. However, little efforts are not sufficient anymore. It’s time to take some serious action & reduce the pollutants. Join me!”

Krish – North Pacific Ocean is led by Krish, who with his group of college friends are doing their bit to stop the non-degradable ocean pollutants from endangering the marine life species in the ocean area.

Bon – “An avid boat lover, I was troubled to see the big fishes & turtles entangled & hurt in old discarded fishnets. Join me as I get on with my mission to rescue & safeguard ocean creatures from plastic hazards.” – says Bon from the South Pacific Ocean.

Ozoh – From North Atlantic Ocean Fisherman Ozoh is the Ocean Hero. He has seen the ocean worsen with plastic waste. With his friends & community, he wishes to bring a change in our attitudes & approach to the earth.

Tina – Tina represents the South Atlantic Ocean. A Diver by profession, during her scuba lessons seeing the rising plastic waste & threat to aquatic life greatly disturbed her. Hence she is on this mission to clean & save the ocean.