Food Donation Drive with Tribal Community

On 7 and 8 March, we conducted a food donation drive in Shahapur, Thane, in collaboration with the EAGL Livelihood Foundation. Over the two days, we distributed 3,200 kgs of rice, tur daal and vegetables to 200 families across 14 tribal communities. Each family received 8 kgs of rice, 2 kgs of daal, 1 kg of sugar, 2 kgs of potatoes and 2 kgs of other vegetables.

Many of the families that benefited from the drive came from houses that were already vulnerable and then the COVID-19 pandemic hit. The pandemic made us even more aware of the food insecurity that hit many towns in India.

The task was a significant one and its complexity was compounded by the pandemic. However, our motto is to bring the benefits of tech to overcome the obstacles others face. So putting our tech to work and keeping COVID-19 restrictions in mind, we ensured that the distribution was done responsibly and successfully with everyone practicing social distancing.

Our partners in drive, the EAGL Livelihood Foundation spearheaded by Dr. Nilratan Shinde, is an organization that focuses on promoting agriculture-based & livestock livelihood led sustainable development and employment generation activities for the people in tribal areas of Maharashtra & beyond.

This food donation drive was an important initiative for us as an organization. We don’t see this work as charity, because that implies that it is work that we do purely from the good of our hearts, it is how we go beyond our duties to help. Through our work we hope to highlight how important it is to give to others what we receive and to bring that message to others.

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