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Frequently Asked Questions


Can I get a refund on a contribution?2020-10-15T12:08:47+00:00

We can’t refund donations without permission from the NGO you’ve given to. This is because donations are automatically transferred to the NGO. Please get in touch with the NGO you’ve donated to, and explain that you’d like a refund.

I have not yet received contribution acknowledgement & certificate.2020-10-15T12:09:16+00:00

It takes 4 working days to process the contributions. Please do check your mailbox for contribution payment success receipts from Dropledge and RazorPay
You will receive contribution acknowledgement & certificate directly from the NGO. Do check on the entered contact information & PAN Card No. as these are mandatory & important to process the receipts.

I cannot see the status of my contribution payment?2020-10-15T12:07:41+00:00

As the contributions are processed thru’ a secure payment gateway – RazorPay and is directly transferred to the NGO, the details will be sent to you from RazorPay, Dropledge & the NGO. In case your contribution status is not reflected in the app, it will be updated under My Contributions Tab in The Profile on next server update/ connection. Also do check if you have an active network connection.
If the problem persists please get in touch with us on

How will I come to know of the contribution acknowledgement details?2020-10-15T11:44:59+00:00

Your payments are processed thru’ a secure payment gateway – RazorPay and is directly transferred to the NGO.
Notifications of the payments made will be sent by RazorPay & Dropledge. The NGO will also send across the payment acknowledgement & receipts on the contact information shared by you.

How does my contribution reach the NGO?2020-10-15T11:45:07+00:00

Dropledge uses a secure payment gateway – RazorPay to initiate & process your contributions to the NGO. The payment is processed only after you correctly fill – in all the required details including PAN card no. for users based in India.


How do I enable in app purchases?2020-10-15T12:20:46+00:00

Head back to the Settings screen. Tap General, and then tap Restrictions.

I did not receive power-ups or upgrades on purchases.2020-10-15T12:20:15+00:00

Please check for an active network and do try to restart the app. Power-ups/upgrades will get updated on the next server connection. If the problem still persists, please reach out to us on


How to save and restore in-game progress (for Android Players)?2020-10-15T12:22:47+00:00

To save and restore progress, you need to:
1. Install the Google Play Games app.
2. Go to the settings of the Google Play Games app (green icon), and check the options “Sign in to games automatically” and “Use this account to sign in”.
3. Enter the correct information of your Google Play account.
4. Launch the game and check the game settings.
5. If you see the “Connect” button in the game settings, then Google Play account is not connected.
Click it to connect your Google Play account.
6. Do not reject or close the window with a suggestion to connect the Google play account when the game asks about it.
Also, please note:
• We do not have your progress and cannot restore it for you
• You can play with the ability to save and restore progress only on your Google Play account.
• There are no ways to change progress or create a new profile for the same game login session
• There is only one progress in the game and it is saved on the Google Play account, which is always restored, if the account was linked correctly.
• If your progress was not restored by Google Play, it means it was previously saved only on your device.

I keep getting disconnected/get error messages/something happened in-between.2020-10-15T12:21:55+00:00

Test your connection end-to-end & do restart the app. We recommend using a Wifi connection for a better user experience. In case the problem still persists, please reach us on
At times this message also means, the server is under maintenance to help us improve the user experience and it will be up & ready shortly.

Game does not function smoothly or I cannot launch the game.2020-10-15T12:21:26+00:00

Please check if you have installed the latest version of the game from Google PlayStore. Also, check your internet connectivity. We recommend using a Wifi connection for a better user experience. In case the problem still persists, please reach us on