New age parents are dealing with children preoccupied with a world full of virtual possibilities, platforms, distractions and games. Games being the category that invites the maximum amount of speculation as statistical studies are warning parents of the impact it can have on a child’s outlook and behaviour. But not every game is designed to destroy a child.

Today children are learning to play to serve a larger purpose. Playing to fight pollution and practice sustainability. Their few minutes of play is giving many benefits to the planet. Game developers are using games to teach kids to be responsible, to practice sustainable living, to reduce plastic consumption and pollution. As the children of today will play custodians to a better tomorrow.

The biggest gaming companies are introducing games that will inspire every child to be a game changer for the environment. In the midst of enjoying the game, children are sensitised towards diverse ecological crisis and taught to tackle it effectively. The game becomes a mode of bringing about a shift in perspective and inspires the child to play for the safety and stability of his surroundings. Turning internet savvy and digitally smitten children of today into conscientious consumers of the future.

These eco-warrior games are far more evolved and are designed to build empathy, increase awareness and teach conflict resolution. The pro-ecology actions that the kids are inspired to perform in the midst of the game itself produces real-world benefits. Using technology to convert points to pledges and further raise funds to the cause that the game has been designed to support.

Ecological education has now become an integral part of the curriculum in many schools and colleges. Institutions are keen to induce a sense of ownership in children towards healing and helping the planet. Words like ‘carbon footprint’ and ‘global warming’ come to them as easily as the name of any trending music album. Earth is humming for some serious help.

Technology has been a huge help in turning environmental causes into exciting adventures through interactive games. Children are attuned to the causes plaguing the planet and provided with tools to rescue it successfully. Using their skill sets to safeguard their surroundings and finding a larger purpose in leisure and play.

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Pashmina is a freelance writer and an aspiring journalist based in Mumbai. Besides which she is part Sufi and part stand-up comedian, loves penning poetry and jokes on a virtual notepad. Pashmina is also a skilled soup maker
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