Gamification in Business

Where Play is Purpose: Let’s Defeat Hunger

With the objective of supporting the mission that no one shall go to sleep hungry due to the unaffordability of food, we created a digital solution called ‘Food DriveZ’ that gamified donation, volunteering, and education.

Through the gamification technology and experience on Food DriveZ, players can play their part in addressing this issue while enjoying fun, entertaining, and engaging games.

Food DriveZ is a food delivery game developed with the concept of a food truck, delivering meals to the homeless and the hungry.

Our data engine is capable of identifying how long a player needs to play in order to meet the target of feeding hunger victims in real life for a day, month, and beyond.

The specially designed mechanisms ensure that players help the underfed as part of the in-game challenges by:

  • Completing different missions to unlock various landscapes.
  • Playing against the clock with time-based challenges.
  • Collecting daily rewards that boost your upgrade features.
gamification in business-Govardan Eco-Village & Dropledge

With the partnership & support of Govardan Eco-Village (an ISKCON initiative) & EAGL Foundation – we were able to:



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Get 40%+ Organic & non-paid downloads.

Get 1.4 Million + organic impressions as the media picked up the platform in their media stories.

Raise funds through our fundraising platform and donate food grains to several tribal communities on the outskirts of Mumbai impacted by the pandemic.

With every engagement on Food DriveZ, users empower the cause and enrich lives, reaffirming our objective that gamification solutions not only entertain players but also raise awareness, foster engagement, and drive real actions in larger numbers towards social causes and environmental issues.