Sagar Shakti NGO

Sagar Shakti NGO

Sagar Shakti is a Mumbai based non profit environmental NGO whose thrust areas are forest, mangrove and wetland protection, environmental education for schools both urban and rural, livelihoods for forest based communities and scientific investigation into local environmental degradation.

Sagar Shakti is founded by citizens who have a commitment to fulfil the constitutional obligation of protecting the environment; coasts, forests, wildlife, wetlands and rivers. We believe that all sections of the society need to be sensitized to the need to protect and conserve our natural wealth and resources.

Eshein Agro Livestock (EAGL)

EAGL aims to build a hunger-free India & support UnitedNations (UN) Goal#2: Zero Hunger by promoting agriculture-based & livestock livelihood led sustainable development and employment generation activities for the people at the bottom of the pyramid to help eradicate poverty and starvation in tribal areas of Maharashtra & beyond.

The Core Areas of Work focuses on taking up a holistic and integrated poverty alleviation approach as well as supporting initiatives for

• Goat Rearing
• Poultry
• Dairy Management
• Floriculture / Organic Farming
• Mushroom Cultivation
• Women And Youth Empowerment
• Skill Development Programs
• Business Sustainability Measures


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