The Team



A simple dinner table conversation with her 83-year-old grandfather on what the future holds, and the harm humans have caused to Mother Nature, got Sonia nervous & thinking of the destruction that her little son would inherit as his future.

Determined to make a difference, she collaborated with like-minded friends to create Dropledge.

Over the years, she has worked & volunteered with various women, children, education & health-related social issues. Sonia strongly believes that every single person taking that collective pledge does bring in change. Through Dropledge she hopes to accelerate that transformation!

She has completed her Bachelors in English Literature, and her Post-Graduation in Corporate Communications and Digital Business.

Vocationally, Sonia has been a communications professional with extensive experience in establishing & managing a full spectrum of corporate/ brand communication & employee engagement programs – having worked with J.P. Morgan, J.M. Financial, Ogilvy.

In her free time, she enjoys building Legos with her son, along with reading & gardening.